Create interesting imagery with our curtains. We truly love these fabrics and use it every time we shoot here. In this blog we give you inspiration for using our beautiful curtains in a creative way. We want to inspire, and let you create magic in one (or both) of our studio’s.

  1. Wrap them around you and create a moment of peace around the model;
  2. Hold them up and let the fabric flow in your hand;
  3. Use the curtains as a see through, which gives your photo more dimension.

TIP: be unlimited. There are so many ways to play with the curtains! If you need inspiration, look at the pictures below.


Another thing that works great for our curtains, is movement and shadows. We have a beautiful fan in our Living Room studio, to create perfect movement. In the morning, we have direct sunlight. You can play with shadows and the sun, together with our premium selected curtains. 

For a glimpse of peace, you can leave the curtains right before the camera for a peaceful effect. What you can also do, is use the curtains as a room divider. This makes the background more full and gives a beautiful effect to product images.

Are you going to shoot your brand new imagery in one of our studios? Book your time slot in The Living Room or The Bedroom and we would love to welcome you soon.