About Roos

Roos Oosterbroek – a creative director from Amsterdam – created Atelier Oost Amsterdam. Roos is a brand designer and visionair. Her boutique agency dRaw creates identity design for entrepreneurs in interior businesses. Identity design with experience, by experience. 

To look sexy. And professional. But sexy.

Why Atelier Oost Amsterdam

Something that works great for product photography, are small details and props. We have lots of different options available in both of our studios. Think of: crystals, books, vases or even coffee cups to spice up your images.

Serene and aesthetic

With soft tones, wooden accents and wide windows this place is a whole new world within the old school building. A place to meet, create and come at ease.

No consessions

As a brand designer Roos created this space with no concessions. Just her vision, implemented in 60 square meters by carefully selected furniture and matching props. 

Guess what? People love it. 

Atelier Oost Amsterdam is a great business case for her partners and clients. To show what great branding can do for your business in the long term. 

A whisper from the heart

“Every time I pass the doorstep a smile appears on my face. This space is not just eye candy, it triggers all your senses.”

What’s next?

Are you going to shoot your brand new imagery in one of our studios? Book your time slot in The Living Room or The Bedroom and we would love to welcome you soon.