Pregnancy. A time in your life that you want to capture. Shoot your maternity, and get inspired.

Are you already looking forward to the period when your baby is born? But how will you remember your pregnancy later? Do you have pictures of your belly? Or photos with your partner or family, just before the meeting with your child?

We love to inspire you and show you our two beautiful locations, which are perfect for pregnancy shoots.

  1. OUR SERENE SPACE A perfect location is essential for a beautiful pregnancy shoot. Come to our studios, where you can create various settings to perfectly capture your pregnancy.
  2. ENJOY WITH YOUR FAMILY You don’t have to capture your pregnant belly alone: bring your partner or let previously born children enjoy the shoot. Introduce them to the baby in the belly and create the cutest pictures.
  3. PEACE AND TRANQUILITY Neutral colors are the most calming. It brightens you up. Blend into the background. Become one.

TIP: Bring variation in your shoot. Capture your pregnancy at our location and enjoy The Living Room or The Bedroom. If you need inspiration, look at the pictures below.


Nothing is better than having your family around you. Being with the people you love makes you smile, which is everything that you want. Feel free to your partner to your photoshoot, and don’t forget to snap some pictures with your kids or friends!

We love to welcome you in our Living Room or Bedroom. Both of our studio’s are daylight studio’s with an serene aesthetic. The rooms are both fully furnished and you can use everything that you like to make your images stand out. Our tip? Choose The Bedroom setting for a perfect atmosphere for your maternity shoot.


Use your hands to accentuate your belly, it brings a lot of peace to your imagery. Read our blog about outfit inspiration, if you want to know which kind of clothing you need to bring to your shoot. Remember to always wear items where you feel comfortable in!

Are you going to shoot your maternity in one of our studios? Book your time slot in The Living Room or The Bedroom and we would love to welcome you soon.