Do your business grow as fast as our plants do? They love the light in our daylight studio: The Living Room. Create different settings with our plants and feel at home. We are in love with our green friends, you too?

We want to inspire, and let you create magic in one (or both) of our studio’s.

  1. Let the plant shine in the background;
  2. Place the plant in front of the camera as a see through effect;
  3. Sit or stand next to the plant.

TIP: be unlimited. There are so many ways to play with our plants! If you need inspiration, look at the pictures below.


Another thing that works great for our plants, is using them in the background. Because our plants are so big, you will create a filled background with a lot of atmosphere in there.

For a glimpse of peace, you can leave the plant right before the camera for a see through effect. What you can also do is sit or stand next to the plant. Embrace them, and create magical imagery.

Are you going to shoot your brand new imagery in one of our studios? Book your time slot in The Living Room or The Bedroom and we would love to welcome you soon.