Product photography. Something that we all love. Are you looking for a bright studio to photograph your products? Stop searching. Our daylight rental studios are perfect for lots of different settings. Play with composition, find a good corner, get creative. There are so many ways to create eye-catching imagery…

We truly love all of our by heart selected props. In this blog we give you inspiration how to get creative with product photography. Every prop that we talk about is available in our studio when you visit us. 

  1. Take our crystals or books, vases or feathers. Get creative and take unique imagery.
  2. Let your products get the attention that they deserve. Photograph them on one of our furniture.
  3. Play with the sun, plants and walls. Our space has neutral colors, daily sunlight and draws the attention to your products. Playing with shadow is a way to make your image more interesting.

TIP: be unlimited. There are so many ways to play with our props and your products! If you need inspiration, look at the pictures below.


Something that works great for product photography, are small details and props. We have lots of different options available in both of our studios. Think of: crystals, books, vases or even coffee cups to spice up your images.

If you have bigger products or you just want them to really stand out, use our carefully selected furniture. The small wooden bench, for example, is perfect for product photography. Or use our big table to let your products shine. 

Give your imagery a magic touch by playing with magical sunlight by creating shadows on the floor. Make aesthetic photo’s at our neutral walls. In the morning, we have direct sunlight. If you are looking for a reflection, come and shoot late in the afternoon.

Are you going to shoot your brand new imagery in one of our studios? Book your time slot in The Living Room or The Bedroom and we would love to welcome you soon.